Sunday, 19 November 2017

Why study in Australia?

When we talk about Australia, the thing which comes to our mind is that it has all. We may talk about world-class universities, colleges, tourist destinations, multicultural society and carefree lifestyle. Whosoever goes to Australia may it be education, tourist or settlement always loves the place. Australia has wonderful scenic beauty also. Canberra is the capital of Australia.

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There can be several reasons to Study in Australia but some points are discussed below which put a major impact on the life-changing decision of a student and also in building their career.

1.     The biggest advantage to study in Australia is that there is no language barrier. English is the language which is spoken all over Australia and education in universities/colleges is also in English only. So for international students, the language barrier is something which may affect them in getting part-time work, understanding lectures or talking to common people but in Australia, candidates don’t face this issue.

2.       There are a number of course sin available in Australia talk about science, nursing, humanities, education, business, management etc each and every course is available in Australia. Australian universities are of top class and as well all know about the group 8 universities in Australia, they are the top universities and education from such top universities will always be a shining star on every candidate’s profile.

3.      International students get a great exposure by choosing Australia as their study destination. It is the lively and energetic country so students get a chance to see a different atmosphere and as we know that Australia has the multi-cultural society so student coming from different places come together. This also helps them to avoid homesickness as many other students who come from different parts of the world are also studying with you and indeed great friendships happen.Australia gives s the options for scholarships as well which also work as an advantage for international candidates.

4.      For Australian student visa, there is the category which followed known as SSPF (Simplified Student Visa Framework) which got implemented from July 2016 and it comes under Sub-class (500). SSPF is implemented in order to make the process more simple, streamlined and also without paper.

5.       As we know that Australia is the 6th largest country in the world so getting an opportunity to stud or settle in is huge. There are many options to choose for education and for work also. If the student wants to study from Australia and wants to come back to his home country can also do that as education from Australia has acceptance internationally.

Australia has many top-ranked universities and few to be named are the University of Queensland, University of Adelaide, The University of Sydney, RMIT, University of Newcastle etc.  If we talk about living cost in Australia it is comparatively low as compared to other countries like the United Kingdom and the USA. Australia also gives the opportunity to the international students to work part-time, 40hours per fortnight which helps them to make their living easier. 

As we know that Australia is a place which is multi-cultured so students get a chance to meet people coming from various parts of the world like Nepal, China, Thailand, India, Indonesia etc and become familiar with them.  Weather in Australia is extremely good as it’s not snowy all the time or extremely hot. It has a moderate temperature which helps the international students to adjust easily.

Australia also gives the opportunity to settle in case any student wants to settle down in Australia can apply for Permanent residency after completing the studies and attaining Australian work experience.

Australia is a great place to live, study and explore so students who a get a chance to study with Australian education institute shall take it as a golden opportunity and should make sure that they turn this decision as one of the best life changing experience ever.

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